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We offer Pilates for everyone: A variety of small group classes & Individual Sessions, tailored to each client. 

Our 50 minute group classes can cater for up to 6 people. They are predominantly taught on the Reformer or Tower. We have classes for all abilities. 

As well as group classes, we offer Individual Sessions & run Events (workshops/retreats/corporate bookings)

NY Studio is equipped with a comprehensive range of apparatus to enhance your workout experience; including Towers, Reformers, Pilates Chairs, Ladder Barrel, and Cadillac. We use Arcs and Jumpboards to add variety to our classes 

For further information see the FAQ section in our Blog.  


Individual/Duet Sessions

These are tailored to your specific needs (up to 2 people can attend, but 1 person books online) You will work across the equipment, including the Reformer. We encourage clients book into an Individual session prior to starting in group classes.
We offer your first session at a discounted price.

Fundamentals Class

This Reformer Pilates class is suitable for Beginners and those who prefer a slower paced class. We work safely to gain confidence with the equipment and offer lower level exercise options where required. The class may be suitable for pregnant/ postnatal ladies, or those with Osteoperosis- please discuss before booking.

Flow Class

A fun, flowing and dynamic Reformer class that challenges your core strength and movement range, to build a strong and flexible body. This class is suitable for those who have experience on the Reformer.

Rehab Class / Natal

This class is suitable for anyone pre-natal, pre/post knee/hip replacement, chronic backpain, low level/poor confidence etc, It is also suitable for pregnant, or post-natal ladies, who in the early stages of coming back to exercise. Please do contact us before booking, so we can confirm that this class is suitable for you. We work across all of the Pilates equipment in this class.

lunchtime class

This class is tailored for those who want to get moving on their lunch break. There will be a focus on spinal movements and hip mobility. With this in mind, this class may be inclusive of all the Pilates equipment- including the Reformer, Tower and Pilates Chair.
This class is Mixed Ability; beginner level are very welcome.

Mixed Ability class

These classes run out of term time, when schools are closed and our timetable is sometimes a little lighter; we often use the Tower or Pilates Chair in these classes, to offer some variety to our clients. Mixed Ability classes are still capped at 6 people and are suitable for beginner level.

Barre class

Corporate Bookings

Enhance the wellbeing, strength and flexibility of your staff: We offer corporate bookings tailored to all fitness levels. Led by an expert instructor, we can arrange bespoke equipment classes in our welcoming studio environment. Alternatively you can experience the transformative power of Pilates via our Matwork Pilates classes online, or in person at your workplace. 


We offer specialist workshops and revitalising retreats.