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We offer a variety of small classes tailored to each individual. We also offer Individual/Duet sessions.

If You would like info on Massage Therapy, please click here

Classes are booked 2 ways; either as either Monthly Direct Debit, so you don’t have to ever worry about manually paying and booking into your regular class (class swaps are done manually by the client, via the timetable).  If you prefer, you can purchase payment blocks (packs of 10, 5, or 2 sessions). If you decide to purchase a payment block, rather than setting up a Monthly payment, you will need to manually book your sessions via the timetable. Terms &Conditions apply.

We feel a small commitment from our clients is the best way to experience our Pilates. You will see how your body begins to change over a period of time, as long term results are our aim.

In addition to our classes, paying members also have access to our exclusive Member Area, which boasts exercise tutorials and online video content- meaning you can have access to our Pilates classes 24/7.

Click here for current course pricing. If you are new to our studio, please do email us first so that we know you are coming: pilates@nystudio.co.uk

Individual/Duet Sessions(Group Session if more than 2 persons)

Pilates For All (where various equipment is used throughout the year-more about The Pilates Chair, the Reformer and the Tower here)

Reformer (more about the Reformer here)

Gentle Movement Class

Virtual Pregnancy Pilates not currently timetabled – expect us back soon

Lunchtime Express-   not currently timetabled- expect us back soon

Postnatal Mother & Baby   not currently timetabled

Corporate Bookings – email for details tailored to suit your corporation

HIP Pilates  not currently timetabled- expect us back soon

Barre Class  not currently timetabled – expect us back soon

Yoga, Mindfulness

You can view our current prices and course dates here

Please note, the first time you log in, you will be required to complete a short health questionnaire and share your contact details. This is a legal requirement. Pilates is not suitable if your doctor has advised you not to exercise – please seek medical consent from your GP first. Please read our Terms and Conditions

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