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Classical or Contemporary?

Classical Pilates can be executed on The Mat, or on equipment. The exercises are set out in a specific order, with a specific number of reps usually. There is choreography between exercises so that it becomes one complete flowing class. Originally Pilates Matwork was designed for clients to complete as homework.

A classical Pilates teacher may break exercises down to allow them to be accessible to a beginner client, with the intention of the client achieving full Classical Pilates in the future.

Classical Pilates is beautiful and it is how Joseph expected it to be taught; It is his legacy and it is our history- this is important to all Pilates teachers.

Contemporary Pilates can also be preformed as matwork or on equipment. It uses the fundamental elements of Joseph Pilates teaching, to create new routines and exercises, rather than the specifically named movements i.e. The breathing, the control and alignment of joints; the basic concepts and patterns of movement (that were intended to realign and balance the entire body).

NY Studio is considered a Contemporary Pilates Studio.

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