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The Tower

The Tower is attached to one end of the Reformer, and a bed is inserted to prevent the Reformer Carriage from moving. It adds variety to exercise and challenges the body in a new way to further strengthen the body and create flexibility.

What is The Tower?

At first glance it may look like a medieval torture device, but fear not! The Tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments –  (roll-back pole, arm/leg springs & push-through bar) to provide a full body workout- creating a closed chain for your exercise against resistance of springs- which is great for proprioception, resulting in better body awareness.


It is an incredibly versatile, dynamic, fun and powerful workout. The Tower allows adjustment of springs and resistance for your height, weight, and strength. It is a total body strengthening workout that can be tailored to suit your ability; The Tower is guaranteed to leave you feeling taller and lighter.

Pilates Matwork also targets the full body, however it takes some time for Pilates novices to develop full body awareness; With Tower you can access total body work immediately and also safely prepare for more advanced Pilates mat moves.

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