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The Pilates Chair

The Pilates Chair

Like the reformer, the Pilates chair is part of the original equipment- It was also designed to fit comfortably into peoples homes. Main features

The chair is essentially a box with a padded seat on top and 2 pedals attached to one side of the box by springs. These springs allow for the tension of the pedal to be adjusted and are used to make exercises easier or more difficult.

The chair is great for standing or seated work. It can also work for exercises that are performed on both your front and back. Because of the small surface area, chair exercises can be extremely challenging.

The Pilates chair allows for more creativity in class, whilst finding that all important element of opposition- that magic of Pilates!

The Pilates chair is a particularly useful piece of apparatus for challenging balance work- providing the perfect environment to practise movements in standing. This makes the chair a very functional piece of equipment. The Chair can be used to progress a client from basic exercises to more integrated standing movements, against resistance.

Although the chair is beneficial for people with injuries, rehab is not its only function; The Chair Advance work is known to be the most challenging in Pilates. It is very effective for building arm and leg strength. For this reason, the chair can be used to improve sports performance.

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