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Reformer/Tower Pilates

Work with resistance! In these small groups of 5, you may work across all the pilates equipment but mostly on Reformers. The Pilates equipment is the Pilates equivalent of gym machines that offer resistance and assistance, allowing you to take your body to the next level. Come, explore and learn about the fabulous Pilates equipment that is now the exercise of choice used by countless celebrities and professional sports people, to achieve peak physical fitness!

We are the first (and currently only) to offer a Group Equipment Class in this area of North Yorkshire. Classes are max 4 per group in NY Studio at Stokesley offering individualised teaching and fantastic value, with the fun and camaraderie of a group class!

The classes ensure that you work to your body’s ability whilst learning the exercises so that you reach your full potential. They are especially useful for the following groups:

  • anyone who is interested in improving performance where strength and agility are important (all professional, amateur or social sports, dance etc)
  • anyone who is interested in improving general strength, agility and overall wellbeing at any level
  • For rehabilitation: Reformers allow you to exercise safely by lowering the load of full body weight exercise. Reformers are raised too, making them a great option for post surgery.
  • Anyone who is Hypermobile- offering a closed chain exercise programme is perfect for a hypermobile body

If you are unsure if the class is suitable, please do contact us before attending. You might prefer to book an Individual Session before joining in a group. Individual Sessions provide you with the skill set required to feel confident about entering a group setting.

  • What to bring:
    • All the equipment is provided, so you don’t need to worry about this.
    • We suggest layers of clothing that you can move freely in. Please guys, ensure that if you do wear shorts, that you are well-supported, otherwise it can get a bit awkward for your teacher.
    • Sticky bottom socks are ideal for Reformer Pilates

Classes are bookable as a Term or a Payment Plan. Prices vary depending on how you decide to pay.

Booking in advance is required- please email if this is your first booking, or if you are a returning or current client, book online here 

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