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Classes and Courses are booked via the timetable. Workshops can also be booked this way if you know the date of the workshop you wish to attend. For dates of workshops or to book Individual and Group Sessions, please email pilates@nystudio.co.uk.

Throughout school holidays, we have a Pay as You Play system, this means you can book a class on a weekly basis! Please book prior to 48 hours of your class start date, or email us to arrange booking.

Holiday Drop In:

All classes: £8.50 (excluding Reformer: £15)

Term Time: 

Sept Term: 31/8/19 – 25/10/19 Xmas Term: 04/11/19 – 21/12/19 Jan Term: 06/1/20 – 22/02/20

Matwork / Barre Course: £60 for 7 week course.
Beginners Pilates Course 4 weeks £34

Matwork/ Barre Single Session: £8.50*

Reformer Course: £105 for 7 week course. Our next course begins on 31/8/19. Some Reformer Courses begin 9/9/19. Please check the course dates when booking, or email us to confirm course course dates!

Reformer Single Session: £15*.

Pregnancy Class: Please contact for details

Mother and baby Course: Please contact for details

Individual Sessions (up to 2 people): £30

Group Session (more than 2 persons attending): £45

Beginners Workshop: £15

All other 2 hour workshops: £20

*please be aware that drop in is only available if you have already BOOKED A COURSE and the class is in addition to your course booking, or if you are a new client trying a class for the first time. Your booking will be cancelled if you do not fall into either category or it is not approved in advance with admin!

If you wish to sign up after a course has begun, please create a log in via the timetable and email pilates@nystudio.co.uk to arrange your booking.

Please note, the first time you log in, you will be required to complete a short health questionnaire and share your contact details. This is a legal requirement. It is advisable that you contact us prior to booking any sessions if you are a new client.

Courses usually run for between 6-8 weeks at a time and generally fit with the dates of North Yorkshire Council school terms. To confirm future course dates, please email pilates@nystudio.co.uk

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