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Classes and Courses are booked via the timetable or the ‘Go Team Up’ app. All our sessions are 50 minutes. Please arrive 5 mins before class start time.

Class Pass For Individual/Duet Sessions

Booked as blocks of 1 for £48.50 (valid for 1 month) , 4 for £173 (valid 6 weeks), 8 for £302 (valid 12 weeks) -these sessions are for individuals or duets. One person pays and books into their session, but up to 2 persons can attend (you should tell your teacher if there will be more than one person attending so that the room is set out accordingly) . Your time slot is not guaranteed, although most people do attend the same time each week. If you would prefer a time that is not timetabled, please do get in touch and we will see if we can accommodate to suit your needs. you will also have access to the online library of classes

New Clients
We recommend booking an individual session prior to joining a class- this can be accessed via the ‘New To Class’ Individual Session, at a discounted price of £38.50. You may only book one session at this price, per customer.

Please note, the first time you log in, you will be required to complete a short health questionnaire and share your contact details. This is a legal requirement. It is advisable that you contact us prior to booking any sessions if you are a new client.

Payment options for Group Classes

Monthly Direct Debit

Set up via DD on our booking system, Go Team Up. The cost is £46 a month. This give the buyer 9 free* classes (*equivalent, when compared to purchasing single class passes).

DD allows the user to 1 class per week over 11 months against any of the classes timetabled – catch ups are allowed, but its important to catch up, ideally within the month you have missed a class. You are responsible for booking your own classes. You can use recurring-book into your preferred class day/time (so long as it isn’t already full) You must give 1 months notice to cancel, if after 20th of the month.

You cannot do this off the app- you need to email us on pilates@nystudio.co.uk. If you would like to book any extra sessions outside of your 40, you may do so at a discounted rate of £12.65, or add an extra DD for a discounted rate of £42 (£11.55 per class)

Class Passes

10 classes (£147), 5 classes (£75) and 1 class (£16.20). Can be used against any of the classes above. You must book into your sessions separately via the timetable, although this can be done for all sessions as soon as you’ve paid. Your space in the same class each week is not guaranteed until booked.

Group Sessions

As individual Sessions- Group Sessions accommodate between 3-5 people and are therefore charged accordingly. Please contact us for current pricing

Corporate Sessions

Please contact us to discuss corporate class options and pricing.

Direct Debit Cancellations require a month notice. Please see our Cancellation Policy in T&Cs for details.

30 min Massage

30 minute treatment focusing purely on your back and shoulders, or choose back, shoulders and neck. Ideal for anyone looking for a deep, relaxing massage or to help ease specific aches and pains. 

45 min Massage

This massage is designed for those who would like a little more time spent on back and neck, or to include limbs such as arms or legs.

60 min Massage

This massage is designed for those who would like a full body massage. This may include back & shoulders/neck, Head & Face, legs & arms. This treatment can be tailored to suit your needs, if you have specific areas you would like us to work on, or you can let us choose the routine for you.

Pamper Party

We offer 30 min back massage at your home for yourself and a group of up to 4 friends. Please contact us for details and pricing.

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