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Postnatal Mother & Baby


‘Return to Life’ after the birth of your child! Our Postnatal Mother & Baby Pilates Class is aimed at building on the fundamentals of the Pilates technique, and adding challenge once bodies are ready. Exercises are adapted to include your baby as much or as little as you both want.  Please note that your baby is your responsibility in class. We don’t actively use babies within the exercises. 

The go ahead to exercise after having a baby is required from your Midwife or GP- it depends on the type of labour you have had as to how soon you can get back to a class. Please speak to a health professional if you are unsure about returning to exercise. The usual guidelines are outlined here:

  • 6 weeks for a normal delivery with no, or minimal stitching
  • 12 weeks for any mum who has had forceps delivery, C-Section or Grade 4 tearing.

As a postnatal exerciser, you could attend any Matwork or Reformer Class, if the time is more suitable, or you prefer to be ‘baby-free’. Some exercises may need to be modified for your safety and we’ll see to that- you will be required to book an Individual session first if you’re jumping straight into one of these classes.

Exercises can be regressed or progressed for each individual- we want you to feel supported.

Postnatal Mother & Baby classes are great for new mums, helping you re-gain confidence and gets you out and about.

Bring baby along with you so you don’t need to worry about finding a sitter while you exercise, or you can leave little ones at home- it’s really up to you.

Reminds you to do your pelvic floor exercises regularly, post-baby

Experienced, highly trained, postnatal exercise qualified teacher

Fun and social- groups of 7 max  in NYStudio

Transferable Exercises for you to use in your own workouts at home

Flexible timetable with convenient times and an opportunity to class swap
If you are unsure if the class is suitable,please do drop us an email before attending. You might prefer to book an Individual Session before joining in a group. This can be arranged by contacting NY Studio. Individual Sessions provide you with the skill set

Classes are bookable as a course (usually 7weeks at a time) or Pay As You Go. You are welcome to class swap into a Pilates for All class, if you struggle to make all of your sessions, although missed classes should be taken within the course dates in accordance with the T&Cs.
You can learn what to bring with you here. 

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