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If you are reading this it probably means you are pregnant, so firstly … CONGRATULATIONS

It is important to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy, and this includes exercise. Our pregnancy specific classes offer you the opportunity to exercise safely and also meet other pregnant ladies.

You should be 15 weeks+ to attend our Pregnancy Classes (if you are an existing client, you should tell us of your pregnancy and we can tailor your current class, so that it is suitable until you are 15 weeks).

You should have medical clearance to exercise. If you have pelvic pains you should always speak to your GP or midwife. You must tell your teacher if you have pelvic pain, so that exercises can be modified for you. We do have some info for current clients about pelvic pain (this does not substitute for medical advice).

What can you expect at a class?

We will work through a range of movements in various positions. We will use resistance bands to build strength. We will use breathing to gain focus. There will only ever be a max of 6 other ladies in the class (Virtual Classes may have more). We ask that you do not attend if you are feeling unwell, so that we can ensure that the environment is safe for all our clients.

We use a range of equipment during classes, and you may wish to invest in some of these things so that you can continue your exercise at home. (NY Studio does sell bands and balls if you would like to purchase from us). All the equipment is provided during class though, so you don’t need to worry about this, although if you prefer to use your own mat, this is also fine.

A ball use is often recommended by midwives as part of birth preparations and labour; you can keep moving and stay upright (great for gravity!) if you do feel comfortable using one in class, it may help to build your confidence by practicing at home. You can purchase them easily off the internet or sports stores etc.

Ball Size Chart:

The size of you ball you use is based on your height/ leg length; when sitting on your ball, your knees should not be raised higher than your hips. (Image of this)

55cm sized ball is usually recommended for ladies under 5’3”

65cm is the most universal size ball. This is what use at NYStudio- you will notice they vary!!! Even within the same brand they vary in how much they can be inflated.

75cm sized ball is usually recommended for ladies 5’10” and over

What Should You Wear?

You should bring yourself and layered clothing- usually leggings or maternity trousers/ jogging bottoms, with a t-shirt and jumper are fine. Socks may be worn (but best if they have sticky bobbles on the sole so you don’t slip) – or bare feet is fine too.

When should you not exercise during pregnancy?

You will need to have medical consent to exercise during your pregnancy. This is for our insurance providers- so please just give your GP a call, or ask your midwife at your next appointment.

Please follow the guidance of your medical practitioners for advice if you are concerned.