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Pilates For Runners

Pilates For Runners; Keeping your body as strong as your mind.

Pilates is medically acknowledged as a rehab tool for joint pain, but did you know it is also an incredible pre-hab tool too! If you can prevent injury in the first instance, how good is that?!?

The strengthening power of Pilates can help prepare the body for everything from short sprints to long distance runs and can be a major factor in helping prevent injuries and weaknesses slowing you down or stopping you in your tracks all together.
It’s all about the glutes and the release work!

Anyone who has been to NYStudio knows how passionate we are about getting you to activate your glutes! Now whilst most of you probably think we just love watching you suffer during those painful sidelying exercises, there is actually science behind strengthening your glute medius.

The activation and strengthening of the glute muscles actually helps to stabilise your pelvis and prevent one of the most common bio-mechanical deficiencies out there – the internally rotating knee (image B).

It is also very important as a runner, that you take the time to learn to release core muscles sometimes. Its also important to breathe and use it as a tool to stay healthy (a Pilates Principle right there!)
Strength from within…

Running has an incredible impact on the body

Compression of the posterior spinal structures
Tight hamstrings
Tight hip flexors
Poor postural awareness
Poor pelvic stability
Tense shoulders

Here at NYStudio we have a unique class that offers everything you need to stay a healthy runner…. and you get to meet other like-minded running ‘types’ too- so there’s a sweet social element to class too.

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