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Performance Pilates

  • On you Marks, Get Set, Go!!!  These matwork classes are specifically designed with performance in mind. Find your true potential with us! Great for professional,amateur or social sportspeople or anyone who is interested in using Pilates to improve strength, agility and overall performance in their favourite activity.

We know that some sports clients prefer to book onto the Reformer classes and these are also available, however matwork can also be very challenging and there are pros and cons with both. We are always very happy to discuss your needs with you.

  • Performance Pilates classes are designed to be accessible and especially useful for sportspeople of all levels, let us tell you why!
    • Experienced, highly trained teacher with experience teaching up to Olympic standard
    • Fun and social- groups of 7 max  in NY Studio at Stokesley
    • Transferable Exercises for you to use in your own workouts at home or in the gym
    • Extensive timetable with convenient peak times and an opportunity to class swap
    • Challenging classes; we incorporate a range of small equipment such as balls, bands and toning circles to keep you thinking!
    • Exercises based upon the Pilates intermediate and advanced matwork repertoire, but designed with you and your class in mind – you won’t be left to struggle! 
    • Exercises can be regressed or progressed for each individual- we want you to feel supported.
    • If you are unsure if the class is suitable,please do drop us an email before attending. You might prefer to book an Individual Session before joining in a group. This can be arranged by contacting NY Studio. Individual Sessions provide you with the skill set required to feel confident about entering a group setting.
  • What to bring:
    • All the equipment is provided, so you don’t need to worry about this, although if you prefer to use your own mat, this is also fine.
    • Please see T&Cs if you are unsure of what you should wear. We suggest layers of clothing that you can move freely in.Please guys, ensure that if you do wear shorts, that you are well-supported,otherwise it can get a bit awkward for your teacher.

Classes are bookable as a course (usually 7 weeks at a time) or Pay As You Go. For courses, Early Bird Discount Codes are often available several weeks in advance of a course start date – please see the homepage for details and availability of these.

Booking in advance is required. Book online here.Please note, the first time you log in, you will be required to complete a short health questionnaire and share your contact details. This is a legal requirement.

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