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Pelvic Pain

Ouch! I have pain in my pelvis!

It is not uncommon for ladies to have pelvic pain during pregnancy. The changes in hormones, sleep patterns, the extra weight baring down on your pelvis, the life changes of being pregnant can all contribute to this. The gentle pace of exercise we offer in class, alongside the relaxation that occurs when you set aside an hour a week, just to breathe, can be an empowering experience. You may well find that this is enough to manage any discomfort you are experiencing.

It is always important to speak to your GP or midwife if you are experiencing new symptoms during your pregnancy. They may decide to refer you to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for an assessment.

You may also wish to consider attending a Women’s Health Physiotherapist clinic privately; the price of consultation varies. They may offer you a support belt and an individualised exercise plan.

NYStudio recommend that you visit http://pelvicphysiotherapy.com/ and read through the section on pelvic floor. The site is written by Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Maeve Wheelan. Maeve boasts a wealth of knowledge and understanding on the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles; her methods are recognised internationally.

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