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Post-Natal Pilates



Post-Natal Pilates classes are great for recovering in the early stages, following the birth of your baby. They can help you re-gain confidence and get you out and about, meeting other new mums! You get to bring baby along with you so you don’t need to worry about finding a sitter while you exercise, or you can leave little ones at home- its really up to you.




When can I get started?!

You will need to get clearance from your Midwife or GP to return to exercise and this will depend on the type of labour you have had; The general guidance is given below but the decision is ultimately with your medical professional and you must have the OK to exercise before joining class.

6 weeks for a normal delivery with no, or minimal stitching
12 weeks for any mum who has had forceps delivery, C-Section or grade 4 tearing.

Mother & Baby Pilates Class is aimed at building on the fundamentals of the Pilates technique, and adding challenge once bodies are ready and exercises are adapted to include baby as much or as little as you both want; We don’t actively use babies within exercises, but they don’t need to be ignored by your side if they are curious!

Once you understand how to work safely, you are welcome to tag along into any of the general pilates sessions if you prefer to be ‘baby free’ or if there is a more suitable class time on the timetable.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a baby play mat or blanket to lay your baby down on next to you. You may also wish to bring some toys for baby to play with while the class takes place.

NY Studio has a number of baby mats, colourful lights and toys if you forget to bring yours, but Eston Sports Centre does not.

All equipment is provided, although if you prefer to use your own met, this is fine.

When and where are classes?

How much are classes?

Please note that your baby is your responsibility in Mother & Baby class.

Please speak to a health professional if you are unsure.

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