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Exercise Referral

The exercise referral programme is a service that involves a GP or health professional, referring a client (with your consent) to take part in structured exercise and activity under an experienced and qualified exercise referral teacher. This is different from a GP or physio recommending you become more active and suggesting a teacher. Referrals specifically use exercise as part of a treatment plan with the intention that the person manages and takes ownership of their condition to decrease the deterioration of health that the condition may present.

Conditions that are included in the exercise referral programme include;

– Hypertension
– Hypercholesterolaemia
– Asthma
– Obesity
– Diabetes
– Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
– Osteoporosis
– Mechanical back pain
– Total joint replacements
– Mental health

What to expect if you have been referred to us:

– Confidentiality
– Communication between us and your health practitioner.
– A short, medium and long term exercise plan
– Meal plans and nutritional advice (unless diabetic/pregnant etc in which case you should see a ……
– A structured exercise programme over 12 weeks including homework
– Support and advice
– Inspiration to keep track of your goals
– Explanation as to how to execute movement safely

How do I become referred?

There is funding available for referral programmes, however this has recently been cut significantly and therefore it is more than likely that you will have to pay at least a contribution towards your tuition. We try to keep costs down by integrating you into small classes where appropriate, however some 1-to-1 sessions will be required throughout the 12 weeks. Prices can be found here…..

I am a medical professional who is interested in referring clients

Great! Simply get in touch with us to discuss

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