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General Pilates On The Mat

Pilates for All!!

General contemporary pilates classes are suitable for those who would like to prevent or control joint pain, increase flexibility and improve posture. You will learn to move your joints using the Pilates Fundamentals.

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities- but you should be able to get up and down onto the floor (with or without assistance- if you cant then Falls Prevention Class might be a more realistic option to begin with).

You might like to book and one-to-one before joining into a group and this can be arranged by contacting NY Studio. One-to-one (£25 for 45 mins) will leave you feeling confident about entering a group setting.

Post-Work Workout

This class is designed with the office worker in mind! Anyone can join the class but focus will be on shoulder exercises, hip-extension and upper-back extension and rotation- great for anyone who works 8 hours over a desk or computer!

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