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Falls Prevention Class

Not everyone who wants to prevent a fall is or looks old! This class is a very mixed age group and is filled with lovely people who are all aiming for the same thing; to stay upright and not fall over!!

Falls Prevention Class is also a great way to exercise if you struggle with exercise classes because you cannot get up and down off the floor.Most of the class exercises are undertaken standing and sitting, so it is the perfect class for anyone who cannot get back up off the floor.

Falls Prevention Class is great for anyone who might have had surgery such as knee or hip replacements. The exercises are very functional, meaning they will assist you getting back to undertaking every-day tasks, while gently exercising the muscles that have been compromised by surgery.

Reasons Someone Might Fall

Having a fall can affect your confidence and lead to loss of independence, but these are not an inevitable part of ageing and there are preventative measures you can take.

Stiff joints as a result of conditions such as arthritis
heart conditions or changes in blood pressure
some health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease
hearing problems, which can affect your balance
changes to your sight
side effects of some medications
tiredness or confusion

Changes you can make

Coming to class is a great way to begin preventing a fall, but there are other things that are simple steps to preventing a fall;
Get a bell for your loveable, but ‘fury-trip-hazard’ pet
Sweep up fallen leaves- they can become wet and slippery
Wash down moss/ slippery paving stones
use non-slip mats
replace fraying carpets
tidy away wires
remove clutter
wear well fitting slippers with non-slip soles
trim toenails regularly
have your eye sight tested regularly
Check if any of your medication could affect your balance.
Use lights when it is dark- especially if you go to the toilet in the night
Understand that alcohol will affect your balance

There is more information on Falls Prevention on the NHS Website


What to do if you have a fall

If you are not hurt

stay calm and take a few moments to collect yourself
make sure you aren’t hurt
look for something stable to hold on to and use that to help yourself up
sit for a while and rest

If you are hurt or can’t get up

try to make yourself comfortable
keep warm – reach for a blanket or cover yourself with a coat or rug
try to keep moving
make some noise to attract attention
try to crawl to a telephone

If you – or someone you are caring for – have a fall and can’t get up, you can call 999.

Having a fall could be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your health but often it’s something treatable. Talk to your GP. Falls can have a serious impact on your health so don’t ignore them.

Get a mobile phone if you don’t already have one and consider installing a community alarm system. This is a pendant or wristband you wear, with a button to call for help if you fall.

You can also get telecare technology that sends an alert to a carer or call centre if you get up from a bed or chair and don’t return in a set time.

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