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Class Swapping

If you are wishing to class swap, you can either log in off the Team Up website or via the timetable
OR you can download the Go Team Up app  (if this link dosnt work- search Go Team Up in your apps store). You must sign out of any classes you do not wish to attend, 24 hours prior to start time or you will be charged.

to swap a class;

1. click on “Manage registrations” on the app- this takes you to a webpage version 

2.  click on “Manage sessions” again, on the new Safari page that comes app.

3. That will then give you a list of all the sessions for the course, where you’ll need to untick the session you’d like to unregister from. This must be done before you can book a swap class. 

4. tick the catch up session on another group you would like to attend.

5. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!!!!! Once that’s done, the last step is to click “Save” at the bottom.

You should go back to the app, refresh and check that your upcoming sessions have now changed.

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