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Exercise works!

It’s true, the research has spoken: moving more can help relieve the symptoms of sciatic pain.

In class we can teach you some of our favourites, or you may prefer to come for an Individual Session.

When to see a medical professional:

Pilates is a wonderful tool for managing sciatic discomfort, however If you display new symptoms in pain, it is important that you seek medical advice from a medical professional. As well as having some great advice and resources on sciatica, the NHS website can help to sign-post you to the most appropriate person. Pain Science is poorly understood and it often requires a multi-disciplinary team of professionals due to its complexity; it is important that you get the correct help for you.

NYStudio does not offer specific medical advice to its clients. We are experienced in working with healthcare professionals (such as physiotherapists) once you have a diagnosis. You will need to give your consent for us to discuss your needs.

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