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Healthy bones

Building bone is important to everyone, especially as we mature! Our Healthy Bones class is designed to help you exercise suitably and safely. You will use resistance bands and small free weights, as well as your own body weight to encourage strong and healthy bone health.

The class is suitable for anyone who would like to enhance their bone health. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is a requirement that you show your DEXA scan results to your teacher, prior to attending class. These results can be obtained from your GP surgery upon request if you do not know the numbers. Its Ok,…. Your teacher can read the results and they make perfect sense, even if they don’t make sense to you.

“You can’t go wrong, getting strong”

Loading your body with weight is a wonderful thing to do and here are a few reasons why

  • Helps rebuild your bones, increasing bone density (imagine bone like a honeycomb- you want more honeycomb!)
  • Provides independence; being able to lift and carry your shopping without relying on others
  • Boosts confidence: toning your muscles will allow you to do more things for yourself

You can buy exercise bands from NYstudio for a small cost to allow you to practice at home. The more often you practice, the stronger you will become and the more likely you will increase your bone health. You can down load our Band exercise sheet here. Please check with your teacher to ensure that these exercises are appropriate for you.

We also encourage you to practice exercises to improve your balance (we hope!) which helps prevent falling- so lessens the likelihood of broken bones. You can download our Balance exercise sheet. Please ensure you are safe if practicing in your own time.

Our experience at NYStudio enables us to guide you through modifying exercises if you have Osteoporosis- so we can accommodate you into any of our classes.


When someone has poor bone health it is called Osteoporosis (or sometimes Osteopenia if it is in the early stage). There are many contributing factors to why someone may have poor bone quality, but it is important to stay active and follow the guidelines to stay safe.

The National Osteoporosis charity has lots of valuable research and information available to help guide you through any questions or concerns you may have if you have been told that you have low bone density, or a family history of Osteoporosis. The new guidelines can be found at Information for patients and the public | NOGG .

You can find out more information about local support visit Local osteoporosis support groups (theros.org.uk)