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Balance and Fall Prevention

Life is a balancing act. Coming to class and practicing our balance exercises from the Balance Exercise Sheet is a great way to begin a more balanced life! But there are other changes you can make to keep you firmly on your feet:

Preventing Falls

-Get a bell for your loveable, but ‘furry-trip-hazard’ pet

-Sweep up fallen leaves- they can become wet and slippery

-Wash down moss/ slippery paving stones

-Use non-slip mats and replace fraying carpets

-Tidy away wires and remove clutter

-Wear well-fitting slippers with non-slip soles

-Trim toenails regularly

-Have your eye sight tested regularly

-Check if any of your medication could affect your balance.

-Use lights when it is dark- especially if you go to the toilet in the night

-Understand that alcohol will affect your balance

-Keep moving! Stiff joints aren’t helpful!

-Being hungry or thirsty can affect your blood pressure / balance

-Hearing and ear problems can affect your balance- speak to your GP

-Tiredness is a contributor to people falling over

There is more information on Falls Prevention on the NHS Website 

And also check out Age UK Health & Well-being area from the menu option 

If you do have a Fall
It is important to know what to do if you do have a fall…

If you are not hurt:

-Stay calm and take a few moments to collect yourself

Look for something stable to hold on to and use that to help yourself up

sit for a while and rest

If you are hurt or can’t get up:

-Try to make yourself comfortable

-Keep warm – reach for a blanket or cover yourself with a coat or rug

-Try to keep moving

-Make some noise to attract attention

-Try to crawl to a telephone

If you, or someone you are caring for, have a fall and can’t get up, you can call 999.

Having a fall could be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your health but often it’s something treatable. Talk to your GP. Falls can have a serious impact on your health so don’t ignore them.

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